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[DotW] Defiance by Wulfghast [DotW] Defiance by Wulfghast

+ 1 Bone Felgar

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Dear God

"It was easy to blame a God. They were unseen. A whisper. A being capable of both benevolence and righteous destruction. It made him scoff. Let the others pray for deliverance, Felgar had no desire to waste his breath. His faith had long been buried upon the mountain alongside his sister and her crumpled body and it was solely the mountain that garnered his respect. The mountain was a living, breathing thing full of life and danger. It was tangible. He could feel the rough stone beneath his paws and the bitter cold.

But it was this day his abandonment of faith wavered. The clustering of the stars was not something that could be explained by mortal means. Explosive violence shook the mountain to it's core-  an ominous silence, a building crescendo of sound as the cornice of snow above them shattered. The dark wolf may have doubted the Gods but not the awe inspiring power of the snow cascading toward them. The destructive force of the avalanche was a facet of nature he faithfully respected and he knew with every primal instinct that one does not fight the mountain.

With a snarl of defiance he turned to flee, only to be met by a crushing darkness."

This was a collaboration between FrostedCanid, LunarShadowCreations, UKthewhitewolf, Rodwendess and myself!

FrostedCanid: Initial Sketch, Shading, Background
Wulfghast: Refined Sketch, Lineart, Final Effects

Everyone colored their individual characters! I really enjoyed working on this collab and would definitely be down to do something on this scale again.
Check out FrostedCanid's story for this piece here!

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krishnacpatel Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
really cool composition !!!
Moonaloo Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
this is just stunning. absolutely, 100% incredible. well done on both parts, guys!
WildwoodWanderer Featured By Owner Edited Mar 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
them 3d effects o mmmyyyy Swoon~ 
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